Lose weight in 15 days through Detox

No machines, no weight loss pills, No lies only Honest Weight Loss through Superfoods



Program includes super foods, meal plans, nutritionist support along with a free book

Detox Kit includes the following

Hardbound edition of an eye-opener book that will change the way you look at nutrition and food.  This book will teach you how to eat healthy for life.

Free Weight Loss Book

Personal Dietician

Your personal Dietician will analyze your diet, give you meaningful suggestions, customize your diet chart and also keep you motivated to reach your weight loss goal.

16 food products

Detox kit includes 16 products ranging for Morning Detox Drink, Helathy Greens, Sugar free Protein Shake, Breakfast Poha, Upma and lots of healthy High Protein snakcs.

" I Lost 9 kgs using Truweight " *

Sheuli Bhatia

*Results may vary among individuals

Our scientific food based program is backed by a team of 60+ nutritionists. With Truweight, you will eat almost everything and still lose your weight through detox

Are you ready for the 15 day weight loss challenge?

Kickstart your weight loss in just 15 days.

Lose weight

Get rid of toxins with a scientific food based program.

Cleanse your body

Increase stamina and productivity by eating more of Superfoods.

Get more energy

Join the 15 days Weight Loss program. You will get personal coaching from an expert dietician and a unique chance to reboot your system!


Not at all! You won’t be asked to skip even a single meal. In fact, our mantra is “Eat more to lose weight”.

Will I have to fast for 15 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Again, you don’t have to starve at all, so chances are very slim that you’ll ever go hungry.

What if I get Hungry?

You should expect up to 2 kgs of weight loss, general good health and lot of positive energy. You will also experience diminished food cravings and better sleep quality.

What should I expect as a result?

As toxins get flushed out of the body, some people might have mild headache, acidity, bloating etc. But there is nothing to worry, as it will all subside in a couple of days. 

Will there be any side effects?

You are not advised the program if you are pregnant or lactating. Anyone with any major medical condition should consult their physician before starting this program.

Who should not Detox?

Read Anirudh’s testimonial to get an idea of what you can expect. Different people see different results, some more, some less.

How many kgs will I lose in 15 days? 

**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual's experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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A variety breakfast substitute rich in fiber and digestive spices. This single product provide benefits of three grains. It improves metabolism, satisfies hunger pangs . 


Red rice poha is made from the red variety called “Hsasundi”. The variety is over 100 years old and is rich in iron content and fibre.

Red Rice Poha

A healthy combination of different grain flakes and seeds for breakfast, with zero cholesterol. Grains are the key ingredients which provides adequate fibre to our diet.


Amla drink is a vitamin C rich relaxing drink. This drink is a potent source of antioxidants, fibre and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

Amla Drink

Teatox is a good combination of green tea and herbs. It improves metabolism and helps in detoxification.


The ‘Amaranth Mix- Olive n Herbs’ is packed with the goodness of jowar, bajra, lentils, amaranth, bengal gram and mouth-watering olive n herb seasoning.

Amaranth Mix

It is a good alternative to the regular wheat atta made from a combination of traditional grains such as jowar, bajra, ragi, bengal gram and foxtail millet.

Gluten Free Atta

A perfect healthy option for evening snacks or for late night munching, low in fat, but high in protein. It is a suitable snack for Diabetic individuals and overweight/ obese individuals.

Chana Jor

Shake-a-Day is a delicious drink filled with the goodness of whey protein. Rich in branched chain amino acids, whey has a high Protein Efficiency Ratio.


Triphala is considered to be a wonder herb, which is widely considered to be a powerfull body stimulant that helps promote health & assists in managing overall conditions of the body


A low fat, low calorie soup alternative with no added artificial preservatives, colour or flavour.  It is a good source of vitamin A, C , K, B, potassium and the antioxidants - lycopene, lutein and xanthin.

Tomato Soup

Tomato moong soup is a low fat, low calorie , high protein, antioxidant rich alternative to regular soup. It is healthy, easy to prepare and very handy. It boosts metabolism and promotes healthy weight loss.

Tomato Moong Soup

Super Foods included in 15 days Weight loss plan

A healthy soup that will make you crave for more. It’s made of sweet corn with low fat and sodium and it happens to be a great alternative to all the sugar-filled products you find.

Sweet Corn Soup

Super Juice is a supplement which will help in fat burning and weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate.


Super fibre is a fibre supplement rich in soluble as well as insoluble fibres.  It binds with fats, carbohydrates and prevents their absorption in the body.


A book that will demystify a lot of so-called facts and change the way you look at nutrition and food.

Ultimate Guide


Try our 15-days Weight Loss program!

The Truweight program will help you feel better in just 15 days!

What is Truweight

Truweight is a revolutionary food based weight loss program that attacks 7 root causes of obesity.  The best part is that it's all natural and healthy and leads to gradual sustainable weight loss.

The shortcut options to weight loss are tempting for sure since they require minimum commitment and virtually no effort. But are they sustainable?  The secret to true weight loss is eating!  Yes, you read it right.  Just like there are fattening foods, there are foods that help you burn fat.  Food is Nature's biggest gift to us and Truweight helps you eat nutrient-rich food and lead a healthy lifestyle.  We believe in using the therapeutic properties of natural foods  and nutrients for weight management.

So what’s the Science behind Truweight

The Best Expert Team

A team of 60+ nutritionists, PhD s, Food Scientists & Ayurvedic practitioner, Truweight has over 4 years of research based experience.

No counting calories

Counting calories never happens with us. As food is beyond calories! Isn’t it?  Calorie model does not differentiate between sugar and protein and ignores micronutrients. Truweight has a research based unique formula to rate foods on their health quotient.

Focus on Hormones

Hormones are tiny chemical messengers inside our body that play a big role in deciding how the body functions, they are responsible for everything from fat storage to fat burning.  Hormonal imbalance is one of the biggest causes of Obesity and Lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOS, high cholesterol, BP etc

Attack 7 root causes of Obesity

Causes include hormonal imbalance, nutritional imbalance, gut bacteria imbalance, toxicity, stress, internal inflammation & lack of sleep.  Truweight program is designed to combat all these causes in a holistic approach to provide sustainable weight loss.

Superfoods to the Rescue!

Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods beneficial for health and well-being. Truweight foods are made with over 35 such Super Foods.

Truweight believes in making the earth lighter and healthier and is quite different from other weight loss companies. It is one-of-a-kind honest weight loss company that doesn’t tell you that you will lose 5 kilos in a week. You are sure to lose weight and most importantly, fat and not gain it back a month after you discontinue. 

 What is 15 days Detox program

Every hard core Dieter would have done liquid detox diet, Juice diet, fruit diet and what now! Unlike other Detox diets, Truweight Detox is not a starvation or liquid diet. Detox is the most abused term in the diet industry. In the name of detox, every dietician will ask you to starve. Please open your mind. They are not detox diets. They are simply low calorie starvation diets. Dieticians just give it a fancy name so that you don’t feel bad about feeling hungry.

Our Detox diet allows you to eat almost everything from rice to rotis. In fact you will be having 3 big meals and 2 mini-meals. It is not a low calorie diet at all. These 15 days are about cleansing your system from toxins and you can expect to lose up to 2 kgs. It is not just about weight loss. You will start feeling better and more energetic at the end of 15 days plan.

 Truweight Detox  attacks 3 causes of obesity: toxicity, gut bacteria imbalance and inflammation.  Through healthy digestion, Truweight Detox tries to achieve the following:

Reduce inflammation and bloating by removing food sensitivities

Re-establish healthy bacterial balance

Reduce toxic elements from our body

So, unlike other detox diets, we focus on rectifying the root causes of weight gain. Most of us suffer from some stomach related problems and this phase is all about improving the digestive system. It is like sending your old car for “maintenance” and getting almost a new car!!

Sheuli is a mother of two and she wanted to contest in Mrs. India Queen of Substance 2016 pageant.  She took Truweight Detox program and lost 2 kgs in 15 days!  She further lost  total 9 kgs with Truweight and overcame Thyroid. Sheuli went on to win Mrs India Spark and Mrs Asia Universe - 2nd Runner up!  If Sheuli can do it, you can too. 

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