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Not just me, my entire family loves Superfoods.

- Akanksha

Superfoods have become part of my lifestyle.

- Shruti

“It’s not enough to lose weight. But more important to maintain it. Truweight Super foods help me do that

- Srinivas

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Manage your Diabetes level and weight, with food alone, like 5000+ people in your city

CA Srinivasan

"Before Truweight, I was 100+ Kgs, Had high blood sugar level, deranged lipid profile. After Truweight, I lost 20Kgs, fought diabetes . Thanks Truweight for bringing this new me"

Anand Soma

"I was on 4 tablets per day. Now I don't take any medications. My diabetes is under control without any medications, but just with food! "

Dr Rakesh

"Type II Diabetes is not really curable, it was just food that controlled my diabetes. I even lost 22 kgs in 5 months, following the program with utmost dedication"

Yes, I want to fight Diabetes

Diabetes is not just about avoiding Sugar. Adding right foods is more important. 

There are certain herbs which are known to help you manage diabetes better. 

Launching Sugar Care - Lifelong Support for Sugar Control**

“Sugar Care” is about eating high nutrient food to help keep your sugar in check. Being healthy is a lifelong journey. There is no short-term shortcut to it.
Learn why it’s important to eat healthy to maintain your Diabetes


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