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How are our customers able to do it ?

Truweight is an Honest Weight Loss Program which focuses on healthy eating, and not on machines, pills or gimmicks. Since we specialize in making you lose weight naturally, an improvement in health is a by-product. Every customer gets following: 

Lost 21Kgs, Reduced TSH level (39%)

"By just eating the right food, I lost 21Kgs, reduced TSH level to 6.25. My iron deficiency & menstrual cramps also disappeared.  I started ageing backwards both in looks & energy levels"-   Savita

"Before Truweight, I was 100+ Kgs, Had high insulin level, deranged lipid profile. After Truweight, I lost 20Kgs, reduced insulin level . Thanks Truweight for bringing this new me" -  Dr. Shyam 

Lost 20Kgs, Reduced insulin level

Lost 32.9Kgs, reduced BP and sugar level

"Truweight helped me diagnose the root cause of my obesity and provided a holistic approach to treat it. I have lost 32.9 kgs in 14 months and feel more confident." - Divya Iyer

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35000+ people have lost weight and fought problems like Knee Pain, Back Pain, BP, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Diabetes, PCOS etc successfully. You CAN too! 

"I Lost 22 Kgs! My Sugar Fasting Level Reduced From 237 Mg/dl To 98 Mg/dl. Thanks Truweight, For The New"

Yes, I want to LOSE weight, too!

Yes, I want to LOSE weight, too!

Yes, I want to LOSE weight, too!

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What are SuperFoods and why they work for weightloss?

Truweight's Superfoods are food products made of super ingredients like spirulina, apple cider vinegar, green tea, cinnamon, psyllium husk, wheatgrass, quinoa, millets, aloe vera, amaranth and 50 other ingredients. These ingredients provide the body with the much-needed micronutrients and essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Our superfoods are rich in fibre and protein that it kickstarts the weight loss process naturally. 

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Yes, I want to LOSE weight, too!

- CA Srinivas

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