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Start LOSING weight, NOW!

Lose Weight, Regain Health & Boost Your Immunity With The Truweight WHI Package!

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Did you know that being overweight increases your chance of being hospitalized due to viral infections by 6 times?

That’s right. People with a weak immune system are also at higher risk of getting health issues like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and liver disease... and even the common cold becomes a big deal.

But don’t worry!

There's still hope.


Getting Your Weight Under Control Is The #1 Most Effective Way To Boosting Your Immune System!

Your body is the best tool you have in fighting all kinds of infections and diseases… including the new virus.

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And the single biggest boost your body can get in its fight against external viruses and other harmful agents is maintaining a healthy weight.

And Truweight has created an award-winning package to help you do just that in a matter of just a few short weeks…

You can get the benefits of Increased Immunity, Better Health, Better Protection From Harmful Viruses & Bacteria & a lot of happiness, with the WHI package from Truweight.


 Lose excess weight 

Improve your health 

Boost your immunity 

The WHI Package was designed by our team of 100+ Doctors, Nutritionists and Experts.

WHI Plan focuses on - Weight, Health, and Immunity. With it, 
you can 


What’s Included In The Package?

Easy to follow meal plans specially customised for you. Your plans will take into account any health conditions and food preferences you have.

Customized Meal Plans

Regular consultation with a panel of coaches who will be there to mentor you at every step.

Panel of Coaches

A package of 7 immune boosting superfoods that will help supercharge your immunity.

Seven Superfoods

Free online tutorials on food & nutrition that will help you understand food & make lifelong changes.

Online Tutorials

Full access to our mobile application helps you  track your progress and measure your results to achieve your goals.

Personalized Mobile App


Superfoods for Super Immunity!

Here’s the list of superfoods you will get in the package for super nourishment:


Green tea infused with herbs like cinnamon, triphala, amla, etc. to improve your metabolism, digestion, body detoxification, immunity & speed up your weight loss.

TruDrink or Trugreen

A combination of apple cider vinegar, ginger, garlic juice, honey, and lemon to burn extra fat, maintain blood sugar levels & heal internal inflammation


Made with psyllium husk, basil seeds, cumin seeds, fennel, fenugreek, etc. for improved digestion, healthy heart, and reduced internal inflammation.

Seeds Cocktail

A mixture of flaxseed, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, muskmelon seeds, black sesame seeds, etc. for healthy heart, bone strength, and glowing skin.

Atta Mix

Tasty and gluten-free multigrain atta with several protein and nutrients rich grains, grams, and vegetable extracts for reduced blood sugar level & healthy heart.

Tulsi Drops

An ayurvedic combination of five species of tulsi: Kala tulsi, Marua tulsi, Rama tulsi, Bisva tulsi, & Lemon tulsi to improve immunity, cleanse the blood, reduce hypertension and enhance the quality of sleep..


Ayurvedic tablets made with an ancient herbal blend of haritaki, baheda & amla for better digestion, tissue nourishment, glowing skin, constipation relief, gastric relief, and more.


Join 40,000+ Happy Customers!

“I feel fit, confident, & healthy. My knee pain has reduced and I can run again.”

-Divya Iyer

“I lost my time and money before finding Truweight and after that I lost 20Kgs.”

-Rakesh Verma

“I lost 36kgs and gained confidence. It’s like a new and better life. Thanks to Truweight.”

- Ritik Kotak

“I am a homemaker and I gained weight due to thyroid imbalance. Truweight helped me lose 11kgs & lead a healthy life.”

-Vishnu Priya


Divya Iyer

Rakesh Verma

Ritik Kotak

Vishnu Priya

Join 40,000+ Happy Customers!

Several well-recognized academies and business giants have appreciated our work, including The Innovative Wellness Solution of the Year & Times Innovation Health Care Award.


Truweight’s WHI Program…

Market Prices


Personal coach

Pack of 7 Superfoods


Online health tutorials


Personalized app


Which sums up to a total cost of around ₹12500/month

Regular Price: Just ₹11,000 per month

Our Price

Now At An Incredibly Affordable Price!


Pack of 7 Superfoods


Online health tutorials


Special Limited Time Raksha Bandhan Offer! Now Get Truweight’s WHI Plan For As Little As  Rs. 3331/- Per Month!

₹8990 for 60 days

₹19990 for 150 days + 30 days of maintenance

₹12990 for 90 days

Limited Period Offer:

Use Your Coupon Code To See Final Price At Checkout!


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like the program and want my money back?

➤ With a track record of 40,000 happy customers, we don’t think that day will ever come, and with the same confidence, we provide you a 30 days refund policy with a nominal fee of ₹5990.

Who decides the products for me during the course, and can it be changed?

When will I get my kits, and will there be a detox kit?

➤ Products are fixed and would be decided by your coach. However, if a particular product does not suit an individual, the coach will change the product in the next session.

➤ You will receive a kit every month. Detox would be part of the program in the first 15 days; hence no separate kit is planned.

Who can take this package?

➤ This package is for anyone who is looking for a healthy life. High or Low BMIs are not factors. The end goal is to reach or maintain a fit body and a happy mind.

Is there any other discount?

➤ In case you have a coupon code, please apply it to see your final price.

Do you give an EMI option?

➤ We are here to make sure that nothing can stop you from being fit. Therefore, we have managed to get you an EMI option of 6 months on credit card payments








What is WHI?


“Today is the day I take a pledge to start my new life.”

Personalized app


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